Supplicants in progress.
The first question for a stranger suggested in Davy Rothbart's book How Did You End Up Here? is simply, "How was your day? What did you do?" I like it because it's an easy question, not much more intimidating to ask or be asked than, "How are you?" but without the rote response. I think overcoming automatic responses is the first step to meaningful conversation. When I asked my Facebook pals, "How was your day? What did you do?" the first response was, "Do you really want to know?"

Yes, I really want to know.

So, my day has been pretty good. It's had some variety, including time with people I like and time by myself, time to talk and time to make things.

Alice, Mistie, Fiona and I went to the movies this morning to see Oz, the Great and Powerful. It was pretty bad. I thought so, and I quite like James Franco. The little girls liked it, though, and I like going to the movies in general, so no hard feelings, crappy movie. Going to a movie early, though, made it feel like the day didn't really start until the afternoon.

Alice and I spent the afternoon making things. She drew a flamenco dancer and I started sculpting some clay figures. The pieces of clay I had suggested book ends to me at first, but I think I've ruined that idea by tilting their heads out of line. They look like beggars or some other rough, sad sorts. I think I will embrace their pitiful natures and leave them a little raw and featureless. They're going to be part of a series of raku pieces fired using my old high school journals. I have good lines to go with these two, but I'm brainstorming about incorporating the words in a different way. We'll see.

Now, the evening light is coming through the windows, all slanty and golden, and I'm feeling a little tired and quiet. When Alice goes to bed, I think I will curl up with a book, or maybe turn on an old movie and continue to carve



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