I wrote a post for OffbeatHome last week about how Alex and I converted a dumpster-found end table into a cute pink planter. Someone in the comments there suggested we plant strawberries in the drawers, which seems like a great idea. For now, I really like the crazy succulent we've got going.

It's fun to make something out of nothing, of course, but it's also fun to make something old new again. I like to think I "re-imagined" this one, and it looks cute as hell on the back porch.

So, tell us: what are you recycling, upcycling, re-imagining or re-inventing?

After a lot of thought and internal struggle, we've decided to end the Red Lion Sq. poetry podcast, at least for now. I loved the podcast. I loved presenting the excellent work of my peers. I loved reading all those poems. Most of all, I loved the conversations we had about art. The podcast is ending, but I want those conversations to continue.

Years ago, Alex created a website for our arts group, Rossism. Our friends posted photos of their art and talked about their processes. It was a virtual extension of the way we used to paint together and a precursor to the way we fire ceramics together now. It was a way that we shared what we loved, inspired each other, and bounced ideas around. It was another place for conversation about art.

This blog will be a place for conversations in different formats. I will post audio, like the old RLS after parties, and maybe even try a little photo journalism about art around town. I will be writing about my art and writing projects, and I would love to include guest posts about your projects.

Let's keep the conversation going. Let's be inspired together.